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Pershing Center Reuse – 26 March 2012

Fair market value for Pershing
LJS Letter to the Editor
March 26, 2012

The Pershing Center has been home to several fun events and activities for Lincolnites
and others over the years. Now that the new Pinnacle Bank arena is under construction,
there’s been a buzz about what’s going to happen to Pershing. Some have said, “Let’s
make it a library or a botanical garden!” Others have said, “Let’s sell it!” The Lincoln
Independent Business Association (LIBA) says, “Whatever you do, get fair market value
for the property and get it back on the tax rolls.”

The city has put together a timeline for interested buyers who may or may not get the
winning bid. The deadline for IFRP submissions is Oct. 1, 2012.

LIBA has great expectations for the Pershing property, located in Downtown Lincoln at
226 Centennial Mall. Lincoln taxpayers had been told that Pershing was in need of major
repairs, and many voted for the Pinnacle Bank arena with the impression that Pershing
would be placed back on the tax rolls.

Whoever gets the chance to develop the Pershing lot will have an opportunity to add to
the value and appeal of a vibrant community poised for economic growth. The city owes
it to taxpayers to capitalize on this unique location and choose the developer who has a
vision for what Lincoln needs and can provide the greatest benefit the Pershing site has to