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Why Join LIBA?

Because you are busy with the things that concern you in life and business, you may not have time to work on the issues that keep our economy, and its businesses running smoothly.

Studying school and government budgets, keeping government growth in check, making certain that proposed laws and regulations will not have an adverse effect on the business climate are all time consuming.

Your membership dollars, along with the resources of over 1,000 other LIBA members like yourself, can positively influence the issues that effect our local business environment.

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Membership Classes

There are several classes of memberships in LIBA. You can join as an individual, a sole proprietor, a political candidate, or even a multi-million dollar corporate enterprise. Contact Us to learn more about our membership classes or have a LIBA representative determine which class is best suited for your business and its interests.

Business Memberships – Per Year

  • Gold Membership: $275
  • Platinum Membership:  $550
  • Diamond Membership: $1,000
  • Cornerstone Membership: $2,500

Other Memberships – Per Year

  • Non-profit Membership: $210
  • Associate Membership: $110
  • Personal Membership (non-business): $110
  • Youth Membership: $35

What’s Included with my LIBA Membership?

Mission Statement

To provide leadership and educational opportunities to the business community. To educate the public concerning the vital role of business in creation of meaningful jobs, and in meeting the payrolls that allow our citizens to enjoy quality of life.

To communicate the concerns of the business community to elected and appointed officials at all levels of local government; and to support political candidates who understand and promote the free enterprise system.


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