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Lancaster County Board Letter to Editor – Sept. 19, 2011

OnTuesday, September 13, 2011, the Lincoln Journal Star printed an editorial, entitled “County budget kicks a can down the road,” which was an unfortunate attempt at trying to call raising taxes a good thing.

That’s right. The editorial called out the Lancaster County Board for not raising taxes.

The LIBA Board of Directors thinks the County Board deserves a round of applause for being fiscally responsible at a time when it was difficult to do so. They balanced their budget with a $4.2 million shortfall, and they did it without raising taxes or jeopardizing the core functions of government.

They were tough at the negotiating table with public-sector unions, not caving in at the first sign of impasse, and they have been doing their part to level the playing field between government union employees and private-sector employees.

The County Board used $1.5 million in Keno funds to avoid a property tax increase. They did what was necessary to hold the county ship steady through this economic storm.

They made the tough decisions and represented those they were supposed to be representing: the taxpayers who elected them.

The real story is that the Lancaster County Board exercised fiscal responsibility and held the line on taxes!

Tim Cox – Chairman of the Board