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LIBA Asks West Haymarket JPA to Delay Vote on $2M Contribution to Breslow Ice Center

The LIBA Board of Directors would first like to thank John Breslow for his vision and donation of $7 million to fund the Breslow Ice Center.  We believe it will be another asset to help keep young families in Lincoln; it will help businesses thrive; and it will help create jobs for our community.

LIBA felt it necessary to testify today because there is no operating agreement in place between the University of Nebraska which will own the Breslow Ice Center, and the City of Lincoln.  Before the JPA votes on funding, or the city donates land to this project, there must be an operating agreement available, and the public should have ample opportunity to review the agreement and provide feedback to all elected officials.

The University of Nebraska Board of Regents has not voted to support this project, and our requests for a copy of the operating agreement have been unfulfilled.

With these facts in mind, we request that you delay the vote for funding.