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LIBA 2012 Legislative Agenda

The LIBA PAC invites Senators to consider the following items for the welfare of our community:

  1. Reduce County Employees’ Retirement Match. LIBA supports a 1 to 1 match for Lancaster County employees. The County currently provides eligible employees with a chance to enroll in its retirement plan, which offers a 1.5 to 1 match.[1] LIBA has encouraged county commissioners to proactively address this situation by drafting and introducing legislation through itsLincoln delegation. We invite state senators to consider legislation that addresses this issue. LIBA believes a 1 to 1 match would be very generous and would provide a quality retirement plan.
  2. Build the South Beltway. LIBA would like to thank the Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) for including the Lincoln South Beltway on its 10-year priority list. Each project on this list will be made possible by the funds resulting from Senator Deb Fischer’s 2011 Roads Funding bill LB84. We call upon state senators to protect LB84. The construction of a South Beltway for Lincoln is “crucial to Lincoln’s economic vitality and driver safety.” [2] The NDOR staff said that Highway 2 inLincoln, where at least one person is killed every year, was the ONLY Nebraska highway in the “red zone” or the extreme category for semi-truck traffic in the future. LIBA applauds NDOR for recognizing the importance of resolving this issue and encourages the State to ensure construction of the South Beltway.
  3. Increase the LPS Retirement Benefits Hour Requirement for Part-Time Employees. Any permanent, ongoing, regular LPS employee working a minimum of 15 hours is eligible for the retirement plan.[3] We request a more reasonable hour requirement for part-time employees. The City of Lincoln and Lancaster County require their employees to work at least 20 hours before being eligible for their retirement plans.
  4. Lower the Levy Lid. Please consider lowering school districts’ levy lids. The State reduced its aid to school districts in 2011, and districts across the state may want to raise local property tax levies to make up the difference rather than seeking efficiencies. School districts already have the incentive to use the maximum amount of their levy lids because Nebraska legislation requires a reduction in state aid if they do not use the maximum amount.[4] Such legislation encourages overspending. Please consider lowering the levy lid to protect taxpayers from levy increases by school districts.

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[2] Lincoln Journal Star, “South Beltway future in question,” June 26, 2009, Deena Winter.

[3] See Neb. Rev. Stat. § 79-902(40).

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