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LIBA Support of Charter Amendment Clarifying Process of Appointing Council Members – 25 February 2013

The Lincoln Independent Business Association supports Councilman Jonathan Cook’s proposed amendment to the Lincoln Charter and feels the amendment provides much needed clarification and guidance to City of Lincoln government in the process of nominating and electing a candidate to fill a council vacancy.

In September 2011 the City Attorney opined that the appointment process used in Lincoln for decades was contrary to state law and must be changed.  Since that time the appointment process has been shrouded in uncertainty and every councilperson nominated and appointed has been so appointed amid an aura of underhandedness and abuse of executive power.  Every time questions are raised about the legality of the process the use of executive power in the appointment process.

The proposed charter amendment aims to  clarify the nomination and election process, bringing it in line with the practices the City Council has used for decades.