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LIBA Supports LPS Bond

The Lincoln Independent Business Association is pleased to announce its support of the Lincoln Public Schools bond.

Lincoln’s public schools are public assets which greatly shape the quality of our community today and for years to come. Last year our school system grew by nearly 1,000 students and this trend shows no signs of stopping.  This increase is a result of a growing community attracting new businesses, jobs, and residents. Such growth has an enormous net positive effect on the community as a whole and requires continued investment in our school district.

This school bond funds one additional elementary school, an additional middle school, a career academy, additions and renovations to existing facilities, as well as security and technology enhancements.  These needs were identified by a community group working to ensure that LPS meets needs as they occur instead of continually racing to catch up. Additional schools will keep class sizes manageable while the district grows; additional technology infrastructure will facilitate new technology driven curricula and curriculum delivery methods.

LIBA appreciates the Board of Education’s efforts to prioritize and balance the needs of the school district with the resources of the taxpayers. Though over $300 million in needs were identified, the Board committed to keeping the tax rate flat by prioritizing the most necessary projects.

Going forward, LIBA requests that any future school bond issue be planned well in advance, so the bond vote can be held in conjunction with a regularly scheduled election.  This effort will save LPS the expense of holding a special election and ensure LPS decisions are placed on the ballot during elections that generally see the highest level of community participation.

LIBA supports the school bond because it provides needed resources that allow our school district to better meet the high standards expected of it. These funds will allow LPS to accommodate their immense growth in enrollment, the need for skilled workers in the community, to address security issues, and stay ahead of the curve in delivering technology in the classroom. LIBA supports this bond issue and asks the citizens of Lincoln to join us in voting yes to the school bond.