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LIBA Thanks Mayor For Prioritization of Police Officers and Calls for Continued Dialogue

Prioritization of Officers and Safety

The Lincoln Independent Business Association thanks Mayor Beutler for taking steps to increase the number of Police officers dealing with gang activity.  On September 4, 2013 the Lincoln Police Union, City Councilman Roy Christensen, and LIBA, made a plea for more officers.  At that time, LIBA pointed out that Lincoln maintains one of the lowest strength ratios in the country with 1.22 officers per thousand citizens. We also noted a 30% increase in gang related assaults in Lincoln.

LIBA is pleased that the city is seeking grant funding for these officers.  However if the grant dollars are not awarded, LIBA encourages the Mayor and City Council to maintain public safety as Lincoln’s highest priority and prioritize current revenues to fully fund new officers.

Lincoln is a growing community, and crime is growing with its population.  Today, the Mayor has taken a step to recognize the needs of this growing community and LIBA asks that the community maintain this forward progression through continued community dialogue about the prioritization of existing tax dollars toward additional officers for Lincoln’s Police force.