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LIBA withholds endorsement of Lancaster Event Center expansion – June 22, 2012

The Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA) would like to weigh in on the proposed expansion (PhaseIII) of the Lancaster Event Center.

LIBA lent its support to the 2007 expansion (Phase II) of the event center. At that time projections for 2008-09 showed an increase of more than $500,000 in revenue.  In documents provided by the event center, the 2008-09 revenue was short $366,903. The event center was also short of projections for 2009-10 and 2010-11.

Until the increase in revenue that was promised in Phase II occurs, LIBA withholds its endorsement for the expansion of Phase III.

While the projections are short, LIBA still commends the Lancaster County Board for its approval of Ron Snover as managing director, who has subsequently increased the number of bookings at the event center. Mr. Snover has clearly taken the event center to a higher level. 

However, we think the event center could further improve if Mr. Snover were provided assistance from the County Budget Officer, Dennis Meyer. LIBA would like to ask the Board of Commissioners to give Mr. Meyer permission to assist the event center in preparing its budget so that additional revenue may be possible.

All of the existing fees and charges should be examined for possible revenue increases.  Then, we need to explore new fees and perhaps even more donations to cover expenses for the Lancaster County Super Fair.

Finally, we would also like the staff to explore ways to increase maintenance so that we will always have a first-class facility.

LIBA looks forward to the continued popularity, growth and success of the event center!