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LPS 2018-2019 Budget Position Statement

TO: The Board of Education of Lincoln Nebraska
FROM: The Lincoln Independent Business Association
RE: LPS Budget Position Statement
DATE: August 14, 2018

The Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA) would like to thank Lincoln Public Schools (LPS) staff for suggesting that LPS lower the property tax levy in the 2018-2019 budget. We appreciate the efforts that were made by LPS staff to achieve a one and one-half cent reduction which will equal real property tax relief for Lincoln residents.

LIBA, and others, have recognized for the past several years that LPS was receiving an abundance of state aid, property taxes and federal funding, and that a tax reduction was possible. However, rather than concentrating on missed opportunities to lower the levy during past budget windfalls, we would like to focus on the present and the future. We hope we can build on the progress you made during this year’s budget and continue to work with LPS staff to achieve future levy reductions.
Of course the final decision regarding the levy rate is in the hands of the Board of Education. We hope the entire body agrees and will vote for the reduction.

In closing, we would like to make a comment on the Safe and Successful Kids agreement. We would like to again express our appreciation to the LPS Board for working with the Lincoln City Council to improve school security through the adoption of the Safe and Successful Kids Interlocal Agreement rather than the use of a Joint Public Agency. Our elected officials listened to the community and that is something we can be proud of.