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Nebraska Highway Commission – September 23, 2011

The Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA) would like to thank you for playing a key role in an agreement among the City of Lincoln, Lancaster County and the Department of Roads to purchase right-of-way for the protection of the South and East Beltways.

LIBA strongly supports the construction of a South Beltway for the City of Lincoln. We agree with Senator Ben Nelson who expressed concern in a 2009 Lincoln Journal Star article over “the lack of progress on the Lincoln South Beltway.

So far, according to the Lincoln Journal Star, the state has spent about $10 million (80 percent of it federal money, 10 percent city and 10 percent state) for engineering and the purchase of two large parcels of land for the beltway. The beltway has been contemplated for the last 40 years. There must be a plan in place to put together the beltway, a project estimated at a total cost somewhere in the area of $175 million.

Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler summed up the importance of a south beltway in 2009 when he told the Lincoln Journal Star that the beltway’s completion is crucial to Lincoln’s economic vitality and driver safety. The city and the State of Nebraska must renew their focus on getting this project done.

LIBA requests that the highway commission jumpstart this much-needed addition to Nebraska’s highway system.