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LIBA 2023 Local Priority List

East Beltway

Combination of infrastructure and governing with a growth mindset.

Reduce Regulation on Business

Ease the tax burden by focusing on alleviating property tax.

Public Safety

Focus on recruitment and retainment of LPD officers, support for first responders, address the homeless issues.

Governing with a Growth Mindset

Planning and zoning for growth along the south beltway, expanding available housing.


Fixing and maintaining roads, South Beltway development through zoning and intersections, moving forward with an additional water source for Lincoln.

Government Transparency

More accessible and user-friendly budget viewing tool, more detailed reporting of how funds are being allocated and for what purpose within departments.

Performance of Nebraska Students

Education in our state has a tremendous impact on businesses.

Require a Vote of the Public to Establish New Joint Public Agencies

JPA’s are an additional government body and an added level of bureaucracy.

Simplify and Normalize Voting

Elections would be more efficient and would increase voter participation if local elections were to coincide with elections for governor, congress, senate, and the presidency.

2023 Legislative Priorities
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