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LIBA 2024 Legislative Priorities

Updated: Dec 8, 2023


Any agency that can levy taxes has an obligation to inform the public about the proposed changes to their taxes and to allow the public to voice concerns.

The public should be given an adequate amount of time to review the proposed budget(s) and tax levy changes, specifically with respect to the LB 644 “Truth in Taxation” law.

The public has the right to know about any revenue received above an agency’s budget. Agencies should report quarterly on revenue received above the agency’s budget with detailed information about the source, restrictions on, and intended use of the monies.


Government policies and legislation need to be focused on strengthening growth in communities by making them more attractive for existing businesses to expand and for new businesses to start or locate to them.

Accelerate planning and investments in the creation of the East Beltway.


Accelerate planning and investments in the creation of a second water source for the City of Lincoln.


Control spending and limit the property tax burden on business owners and their employees.

Reduce tax burden on citizens and businesses.

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2024 LIBA Legislative Priorities
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