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Put Fairness Ordinance on the Ballot – May 11, 2012

The Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA) has not taken a position for or against the fairness ordinance which is scheduled for a City Council vote on May 14. However, we feel that putting the question on the ballot for a vote of the people would be appropriate.

Just a few days ago, Mayor Beutler encouraged Lincoln residents to take an online survey regarding the city budget, stating in a press release that “we need everyone at the decision-making table.” LIBA agrees with Mayor Beutler. Important city issues deserve everyone’s attention and input. The LIBA Board of Directors believes the fairness ordinance qualifies as one of these important city issues.

On May 7, a seven-hour public hearing on the fairness ordinance took place, which had approximately 100 people speak their minds on the ordinance. At the public hearing a clear public consensus did not exist. LIBA’s diverse membership has not come to a consensus on this issue either.

What seems more in line with building community consensus is that the fairness ordinance be put to a vote of the people. This approach would be more consistent with Mayor Beutler’s plan to move Lincoln forward with the input of all Lincolnites.